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        Author Denys Beames
Author Denys Beames was the first-ever bicycle safety coordinator in Canada for the City of Toronto. While there he helped develop the Can-Bike program of cycling traffic education for the Canadian Cycling Association and is a National Examiner in that program.


"For those that may not know yet, there is a new and very well done new reference book out for cycling.

It's called: Taking the Road, Safe and Effective use of the Bicycle for Fun and Transportation, written by Denys Beames, CAN-BIKE National Examiner from Victoria. I got two copies this past week-end and read it over on the ferry ride back to Vancouver.

My first reaction was WOW!. It's an excellent reference guide full of great and timely ideas, and areas that can be referred to when running a CAN-BIKE course.

This book is already on my "must have" reference list, and I would hope others will consider it in the same light.

I hope you'll pick-up this book. It's well worth the money and the information is exceptional and timely. This would be a great book to add to a Christmas list, if you want to wait that long."

- Chuck Glover CAN-BIKE National Examiner Maple Ridge BC
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