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Cycling Courses

        Author Denys Beames
Author Denys Beames was the first-ever bicycle safety coordinator in Canada for the City of Toronto. While there he helped develop the Can-Bike program of cycling traffic education for the Canadian Cycling Association and is a National Examiner in that program.


Taking the Road is about using a bicycle for transportation. Once you know how to be a cycling road user, you have the freedom of every road in Canada and the U.S.

This book shows how to handle both basic and advanced road situations, legally and safely. It contains basic handling skills exercises to increase your confidence and control over your bicycle. It explains how to be both a bicycle commuter and a bicycle tourer, including sensible bicycle and equipment selection.

Although itís not a repair manual, this book looks at the most common cycling problems and how to handle them. Finally, it looks at children and bicycles, and what parents really need to know about the combination.


..."My first reaction was WOW!. It's an excellent reference guide full of great and timely ideas, and areas that can be ref erred to when running a CAN-BIKE course"...

-Chuck Glover
CAN-BIKE National Examiner
Maple Ridge BC


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